Happy to Oblige

Fr. Thomas Berg, LC, wrote me (and others, presumably) to ask for help publicizing his new website. A thing I am more than happy to do, since I respect the work of the Westchester Institute for Ethics & The Human Person. Fr. Thomas writes that the site is primarily informational at present but they hope to keep adding amenities (you can already "submit an ethical question").
Check in often for updates on all things bioethical, and for how to apply natural law arguments to today's thorny moral questions.
P.S. "Submit an ethical question" reminds me of two silly things.
  1. My little bro, mocking my philosophical training one Christmas break from college. Me, getting up after a long bull session w/ friends: "Where are my keys?" Him: "Wouldn't a more philosophical question be "Why are your keys?" Smart aleck. But I'm still chuckling 15 years later.
  2. My all-time favorite Simpsons episode, in which Jackie Mason (my favorite comedian) guest stars as Rabbi Krustovsky, estranged father of Krusty the Clown. As Krusty recounts how he and his father fell out, flashback to Krusty's boyhood in the Hasidic ghetto. People are posing their moral dilemmas to the great Rabbi. "Rabbi, should I get married?" "Rabbi, should I make peace with my mother-in-law.?" Then someone asks, "Rabbi, should I buy a Cadillac?" (You have to hear Mason's voice in your head to get the full impact of what follows.)
Pause. "Can you rephrase that as an ethical question?"
"Is it right to buy a Cadillac?"
"Yeeees. For great is the car with power steering."