Hitting the Links on a Saturday Morning

Via Hugh Hewitt, a link to TheWhitePath, interesting views from Mustafa Akyol on Islam, etc.

Human Events is not thrilled with the Roberts nomination. They don't seem to object to him so much as his "stealth" quality. They think the Pres. missed a good opportunity for an educational fight. They could be right, although I assume the Pres. wants to save the fight for the Chief. Editor Terry Jeffrey sums up their views in his W. Times column, where we also learn who wrote this to a constituent: "Roe v. Wade was incorrectly decided," and "the right to an abortion is not guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution."
It's gotta be dispiriting to be Victor Davis Hanson. To know history so well, and constantly read snippets of it taken out of context. Here he urges his fellow pundits, "Read something!"
And Michelle Malkin makes a further case for profiling. It doesn't have to be "racial" profiling. How about "suspicious behavior profiling?" Like, if you see a guy with a shoulder-launched rocket, check him out.
And finally, two Powerline posts. First on DC's local ayem talker, Michael Graham, who's been suspended because of a CAIR protest against his pointing out that the Muslim community has not notably risen to root extremists out of its midst. Graham said this rather emphatically-- "Islam is a terrorist organization" --but in his subsequent remarks he explained what he meant. Since CAIR is a terrorist-sympathizing organization, I resent their word being used to oust anyone.
And secondly, what does it say about our media that the President was nearly assasinated and hardly anyone covers the story?
Ok, ok, one more. Tom Friedman's basically positive assessment of what's happening in the Middle East as a result of Bush's policies. Friedman is a guy like Bob Woodward --a good reporter (his 1990 From Beirut to Jerusalem was a fun read simply because of the vivid picture he drew of all the parties)-- but an utterly conventional thinker. The fact that he's personally liberal makes his take on things all the more interesting.