Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber

Via Stanley Kurtz at NRO, here's an article from a Muslim woman who has interviewed more than 250 failed suicide bombers and/or family members of suicide bombers. You will not believe how much preparation goes into one of these "missions." It's not just pick some fanatic sad-sack off the street and brow-beat him 'til he'll do anything. People are carefully chosen, they have to meet certain criteria, they're trained for years. And the motivation is beyond the promised 72 virgins (it turns out they're your servants, not your harem). The motivation is that the first drop of blood spilled saves you from hell and propels you directly into paradise, where you are entitled to intercede and save 70 people of your choosing from hell, too. Plus, martyrdom in the name of Allah does not hurt. And. . . .most of the bombers don't fit the Western profile of a jihadist. They aren't poor, uneducated, easily led. They tend to be wealthy or middle class as a matter of fact.