It's All About Them

You have to laugh at the press coverage of the Roberts appointment. Last night prior to the announcement, ABC's Ann Compton, describing the "It's Clement, It's Clement, wait, no, it isn't" frenzy, said, "It's been an incredible day for journalism."

For journalism? Lady, this is about the future of the country, or hadn't you noticed? Not to single her out, because the meme this morning is complaint about the White House's secrecy, as if the Administration's whole purpose was to annoy journalists, the center of the universe.
With a hint of caution since I haven't yet received the George/Arkes imprimatur, I have the feeling that this pick could turn out to be brilliant. Conservatives are always taken in by the "rope-a-dope" maneuvers Bush uses to outfox the Dems, and forget that, in K-Lo's apt shorthand, "Bush gets it." Not only does this appear to be a shrewd political choice, but I highly approve of Bush's making the announcement of a nominee into an event. The press interprets this politically, and no doubt it is good strategy, but there ought to be a certain pomp to the most momentous events of our time. Bush is a master politician, but he is also at heart a patriot who is doing his level best to restore the nation's civic life.