No Connection, The Continuing Saga

Iraqis in Sudan, and the CIA's "evolving" assessment of the Iraq-al Qaeda link. It becomes more and more clear, doesn't it, that the CIA is --or at least has been recently-- a rogue agency? My parents have a friend, himself a former Communist and then a counter-intelligence agent, who's working on a book on how the Church amendment and other Carter-era restrictions gutted the abilities of our intelligence agencies, and why the fixes suggested so far don't address the real problem. May he speed it to publication.
In case you missed it while I was out, read parts I & II of "The Pope of Terrorism." Same track different train is Rabbi David Dalin's essay in this month's First Things, "Hitler's Mufti," which traces Arab anti-semitism to the work of one Imam, who literally guided Eichman in the implementation of the "final solution," and was the mentor to Yasser Arafat, among others.