The Pope Speaks --& Mentions This Blog (not really)

The Angelus isn't up yet, but I found a partial transcript of his remarks to a group of diocesan priests last week (and a link to the whole thing in Italian). Intriguing because he wasn't scripted. I found this little tidbit on the huge number of African vocations especially interesting, but he shows himself lively and engaged on any number of questions in the whole thing.
Naturally, this joy [of numerous vocations in Africa-RC2] brings with it a certain bitterness, because at least some of them are coming out of hope for social advancement. By becoming priests they practically become the chief of the tribe, they naturally receive special treatment, they live a different kind of life, etcetera. So the weeds and the wheat go together in this marvelous growth in vocations, and the bishops must be very attentive to discernment and not simply be content to have many future priests. They must look for which are really the true vocations, discerning between the weeds and the wheat.