Pray For This Man

When asked whether he was willing to risk his life by speaking on the record, he replied, "My objective in life is to free my country that is in such misery." He added, "This is what we are about, and we have no fear."

On the way home tonight, caught about 5 minutes of a John Batchelor interview with someone expert on Iranian politics. He's reporting that his sources inside Iran say Akbar Ganji is near death as he nears day 40 of his hunger strike. He wrote an open letter to the world July 11th, which I will try to find if I can. In the meanwhile, here's a brief account in the New York Sun.

Update: Here's his letter (scroll down to find English). He's in jail this time for urging people to boycott the rigged elections. Money quote: "Ganji may die but seeking liberty, justices, democracy, hope, dream, and ideals will never die. Loving one another and making sacrifices will always stay alive."