Queen Ninme

The queen of links to funny columns. If you're just in the mood to laugh on a hot July day, go here and read the fun British papers are having in response to Mssr. Chirac's disparaging comments on British cuisine. A little thin-skinned, perhaps, but tres amusing nonetheless.

And then there's this Mark Steyn column making the point that the taxes alone on Linda McCartney's estate would have been more money than the Live8 concerts are raising. That's if she hadn't found a way not to pay them. . . . And this point, too:
throughout the weekend's events, Dave Gilmour and Co were too busy Rocking Against Bush to spare a few moments to Boogie Against Bureaucracy or Caterwaul Against Corruption or Ululate Against Usurpation. Instead, Madonna urged the people to "start a revolution". Like Africa hasn't had enough of those these past 40 years?

And another funny column about Rock and aid.

And one more link from the queen. Not funny, more sentimental. Chrenkoff's post of July 4th thank-yous from other nationalities.

Enjoy these. Light blogging the rest of the week, as I'm crashing on a project.