Sacre Bleu! Maybe The French Are Listening To Moi

Just a few days ago, I warned them. Then the Herald-Tribune publishes this. If true, this is hopeful, although the article doesn't distinguish between assimilated French women and unassimilated Muslim "French" women, which makes a difference.
As long as I'm on the subject of France, the W. Times yesterday argued that France is no longer the seat of fashion. Couldn't care less about that, but I was intrigued by the argument that the vaunted French place in haute couture & cuisine was begun by the Sun King, and the principles of the French Revolution --liberté, fraternité, secularité-- are inherently at odds with French self-identity. This explains a lot, non?
P.S. I just read somewhere that "sacre bleu" refers to the sacred blue of Our Lady's Mantle. Cool. One vestige of Catholic culture will not be so easily erased from France: the oaths.