Tomatoes & The Cosmos

You know God's in his heaven and all is right with the world when you bite into a vine-ripened, home-grown tomato (maybe just a little garlic salt). I have about 30 harvested just from yesterday, so all the neighbors' salads are on me tonight. However, if a fresh tomato is a taste of heaven, it's impossible to forget man's fallen condition when you go out to pick your little beauties and in about five minutes receive --no lie, I counted-- more than 30 mosquito bites. In a by-gone (and perhaps returning if the DDT ban continues) age, I'd be mortally felled with malaria by now, so I bless the Lord for modern medicine and quinine.
See what deep thoughts 6 vines and a 3-ft. plot of earth can inspire? Home-grown tomatoes are the key to culture, people.