WaPo's Inferiority Complex

Ever since W. Mark Felt was outed as Deep Throat, Hubby & a friend have made a parlor game out of whether or not W.Post runs a Watergate-related story on the front page. So far, some 30 days out, they've missed only like two days. Today they have two stories. Not front page, but front page of Style & hyped on the front page. One story flaks Woodward's new book on Felt, which they admit has no news. The other is the very exciting coverage of the garage where W&B met Deep Throat. I'm not kidding. A story about a garage. I predict next we'll have a "Where are they now?" story about all the people who were wrongly thought to be Deep Throat over the years. Anything to stretch the greatest story the Post ever told out a little more.
Does any other paper feel such a need to perpetually triumph the greatest stories it's broken? Ok, guys, we get it, you're a major newspaper already.