Do They Or Don't They Have A Constitution?

Via Powerline. AP is reporting no; Reuters is reporting yes. If there is one thing this process has taught me, it is the absolute wisdom of America's Founders in holding the entire Constitutional Convention in secret. Transparency makes constitution writing impossible, or virtually so. The whole dang world thinks it gets a vote.
One of the lines I am reading and hearing repeated by the Bush/Blair critics is that a nation makes a constitution, a constitution doesn't make a nation. Sounds good, but I don't think that's true. I think it's more that the two mutually reinforce one another. Americans understood themselves as Americans under the Articles of Confederation, but there's no doubt that the Constitution, as a more effective federal instrument, consolidated the country.
Furthermore, what's the point of that comment? If we accept the premise, then the only choices left to Iraq are 1) Restore Saddam Hussein because the country can only be kept together by tyrranical force or 2) Split the country into three countries. If that's not your view --and no one seems to want that, then you should shut up and work on the constitution.