Gone Fishin'

Or anyway, away for a week.
Taking the last Michael O'Brien and next in the Aubrey-Maturin series with me. The Pope says take God with you on vacation, so of course these are in addition to some beads to mumble, the Bible, Padre Maciel letters, and my big stack o' Ratzis. (We'll see how well I do on whittling down my list. Once the cousins join us, I don't vouch for my ability to resist the nightly Euchre tournament.) The kids are bringing a big book o' saints, Redwall, Winnie the Pooh, The Eyewitness Book of Knights and Pat the Bunny, respectively, plus E. Nesbitt's Enchanted Castle on tape for the ride down (the library was out of the next Narnia book. Rats. You haven't lived until you've heard Kenneth Branagh read The Magician's Nephew and Michael York do The L, the W & the W).
Talk to you next on the feast of the Assumption.