If You're Unhappy, You Probably Need A Little More Challenge

Also via ninme comes this nice think-piece from the Telegraph about the value of hard work --or rather, how no one values it any more but should. One of my very first posts was an installment of "in which she rants" complaining about the phrase "jobs no Americans will do." Since when? I asked, and when did a bad attitude about any honest work become something acceptable rather than shameful?
This guy makes another interesting point, and something I think about sometimes when addressing marriage preparation groups. We tell them not to settle for an ok marriage, but to aim for an excellent one. We try to persuade them that happiness lies in following Christ in their marriage. Not that what we say is wrong, but I sometimes wonder if people understand happiness well enough to know what we mean. Because pursuit of happiness in the sense most people mean it today is a recipe for a restless heart. Read the piece.