I'm My Own Grandpa

Remember that silly novelty song? I forget precisely the mechanism by which the guy becomes his own grandpa, but it could become a court-sanctioned relationship in the near future. Matthew Franck shows us that under Justice Kennedy's reasoning in the Lawrence decision, states have no right to prevent incest --just as Scalia predicted in his dissent at the time. Franck brings us the sordid case of Muth v. Frank, in which an incestuous couple (brother and sister) argued their privacy right under Lawrence. They lost, but only because the judge in the case (a good man) hadn't the heart to follow the logical consequences of Lawrence, and instead contorted himself to rule against: "let the Supreme Court clean up its own messes," is what Franck imagines the judge thought to himself. Read this and make others do so --so everyone understands what's at stake in the reform of SCOTUS.