Lookit What We Found

Front page of this morning's WaPo has an amazing photo of the tunnel detainees in our largest prison in Iraq were constructing before we caught them at it. Can't find the photo on-line, though. Riveting story --chilling and fascinating. In a strange and negative way it's a testimony to human ingenuity. It also gives you an idea of why prison guards might need to be rough.
Suddenly, everything the Americans had provided the inmates over the previous
months was turned against them, according to guards and a videotape of the riot made available by the military. The cinderblock had been chiseled from the concrete base of a tent pole; hundreds of pieces had been stored inside a tent the inmates used as a mosque that the military designated off limits to the guards. The detainees used floorboards as shields. They hurled socks filled with a cocktail of feces, dirt and flammable, slow-burning hand sanitizer, the Americans said. One of the crude devices ignited a Polaris all-terrain vehicle.