Michael Graham & CAIR: A Curse On Both Your Houses

Here's the Powerline summary of the local DC scandal-of-the-moment. After a long suspension, our local talk station has fired its ayem host for saying impolitic things about Islam. The organization demanding his punishment is CAIR --itself linked by many chains to terrorism, so not exactly trustworthy. Shame on CAIR for being CAIR. Shame on WMAL for caving in to CAIR. And shame on Graham, whom I liked listening to occasionally, for sending a global email to --apparently-- anyone who ever emailed him at the station and not using the blind cc option. My server has been clogged all day with hundreds of listeners' deranged outrage over this matter. People! Get hold of yourselves. Even if the station is being weak & foolish, it is not violating anyone's rights. Protest all you like, but there is no 1st amendment right to a talk show (yet --at this stage I wouldn't put anything past 'em). And quit emailing me, for pity's sake.