The Pope Speaks

In an interview with Radio Vaticana, B16 proves once again his sour, dour, back-to-the-Dark Ages view of the Church. (Please RTWT.) Here are the 2nd and last questions, just to get you started.

Holy Father, can you tell me what you would like to transmit to the youth of the world? What is the main issue you would like to “bring about”?
Yes – I would like to show them how beautiful it is to be Christian, because the widespread idea which continues to exist is that Christianity is composed of laws and bans which one has to keep and, hence, is something toilsome and burdensome – that one is freer without such a burden. I want to make clear that it not a burden to be carried by a great love and realization, but it is like having wings. It is wonderful to be a Christian with this knowledge that it gives us a great breadth, a large community: As Christians we are never alone – in the sense that God is always with us, but also in the sense that we are always standing together in a large community, a community for The Way, that we have a project for the future - and in this way a Being which is worth believing in. This is the joy of being a Christian and is the beauty of believing.

“As a last question - Can one formulate the ideal aim of the World Youth Day in Cologne? What would be the aim if all would work outperfectly?”

(laughs) Yes, well, a wave of new faith among young people – especially the youth in Germany and Europe. We still have large Christian institutions in Germany. Many Christian things occur, but there is also a great fatigue and we are so concerned with structural questions that the zest and the joy of faith are missing. If this zest, this joy, to know Christ would came alive again and gave the Church in Germany and Europe a new dynamic, then I think the aim of World Youth Day would be achieved.