Read About Real 2004 Voter Fraud

Hint: it wasn't Republicans, according to a new study. Curtsy to Powerline. A highlight to entice you:
NAACP National Voter Fund worker in Ohio paid crack cocaine in exchange for a large number of fraudulent voter registration cards in names of Dick Tracy, Mary Poppins and other fictional characters.

My bro' is reading a 3-volume biography of Lyndon Johnson. Why, I can't say, but at dinner the other night he was regaling us with stories about how open Johnson and his buddies were about having stolen his senate race. Johnson himself told this joke. A Mexican immigrant is sobbing aloud.
" 'Sa matter, Pepe?"
"Oh, Señor, my papi came to town and he didn't stop to say hello to me."
"Does your papi live far away, son?"
"No, Señor, Papi, he died ten years ago."
" ?!?"
"Well, he came back to vote for Johnson, but he didn't see me."