Roberts Knows How to Have Fun

A few of the it blogs have noted that Roberts' memos during the Reagan administration show he's Conservative. What strikes me as refreshing is that he also writes with personality. Read enough CMA Washington memos --even partisan memos are often precious and careful--and your brain goes to jelly. I think it says something good about his character that he wasn't afraid to say what he thought. Plus, this is just so enjoyable.

During his time in the Reagan White House counsel's office, John G. Roberts Jr. showed he was not afraid to stand up to a religious conservative, saying in a memo that Bob Jones III was being unreasonable for saying the administration wasn't helping a Christian minister's immigration matter.
"The audacity of Jones' reply is truly remarkable, given the political costs this administration has incurred in promoting the interests of fundamental Christians in general and Bob Jones University in particular," Judge Roberts wrote to his boss, Fred F. Fielding. "A restrained reply to his petulant paranoia is attached for your review, telling Jones, in essence, to go soak his head."