Tell Us What You Really Think

Mark Steyn really doesn't like the UN. From a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt:
I think the United Nations is a disgusting organization. But the trouble is, that a lot of people, when you talk to them about it, they can't get beyond an image they had as a child of the U.N., of a kind of...when you say U.N. to them, they think ofAudrey Hepburn presiding over a UNICEF gala of children of many lands, and that kind of fuzzy, blurry, feel good, multicultural, we are the world image, is so strong, that if you say to them, these people are stealing billions, they're stealing money that was supposed to go for Iraq babies, and effectively the U.N. just set up a scam organization for Saddam. That's all Oil for Food was. Basically, the international community set up a means by which Saddam could scam the world. And it's a disgusting organization. And I think actually when you look at things like the tsunami, that if something bad happens in the world, you're much better saying well, the United States Navy has got some stuff down there, and the Royal Australian Navy can get something to it. Let's leave it to them, and they can work it out. You don't really need the U.N.
If you RTWT, you'll find Steyn & Hewitt agree with me about the appalling treatment of Cindy Sheehan, plus info on the upcoming German elections and more.