Eyes On The Ball

A reader sent me this article about triage in New Orleans; as she did, I found part of it strangely hilarious.
Sitting on an examination table inside the hospital trailer, Arvilla propped up his foot for a doctor to examine it.He had a deep laceration just beneath his big toe that he tried to treat himself by cutting away some of the skin and covering it with hydrogen peroxide. The smell of possible infection was in the air, and doctors wanted to know whether there was any metal inside the wound.
Arvilla doesn't know how he got the cut, but knows it happened sometime after he evacuated the motel he was staying in a couple miles down the road. As the water rushed in the door during the storm, he and his wife were forced to flee. Their home was damaged by Katrina, and they lost both their cars. Arvilla had to walk two miles to the parking lot with the cut in his foot.
"Aw, give me a break," Arvilla told the doctor when she told him he should stop smoking.