In Other Words, We Made It Up

This teensy-weensy correction in this morning's Post caught my eye.
A Sept. 3 article about whether presidential adviser Karl Rove had legal residency in Texas and a follow-up item Sept. 7 were mistaken in reporting that an attorney with the elections division of the Texas secretary of state's office was speaking specifically about Rove when she described state residency requirements. The attorney, Elizabeth Reyes, was not asked about Rove by name. The articles also should have included Reyes's statement that an individual's intent to return to Texas is a primary factor in qualifying for residency.
So I went and found the original story, Rove Not Entitled to D.C. Homestead Deduction, which clearly went out of its way to make it seem Rove was engaging in tax fraud. Not til the third paragraph (and in that kind of story, who goes past the headline?) do you find out the error was D.C.'s, not Rove's. Then they try to "get him" about his residency in Texas, but the correction takes back the whole item. And that has to be the most disingenous use of the word "mistaken" I've ever seen. So where does Rove go to get his reputation back? Truly a reprehensible paper.