More Presidents To Bash


At ninme's suggestion --and courtesy of her links-- let's pay attention to a few Presidents besides Bush.

  • There's Yushchenko --who's had to sack his whole government due to allegations of corruption. The explanation in this story makes my head spin. You guys figure it out.
  • There's Mubarak. I am shocked! shocked! to learn he's won his rigged election. The good news is that, like the Iranians getting credit for elections not quite as badly rigged as usual, Mubarak gets points for having an election and allowing an opponent. Gotta credit progress.
  • There's my 2nd favorite politician after Mssr. Chirac, Herr Schroeder. He's really a Chancellor, not a president, but close enough. He's about to lose an election to a girl. Maybe. She was 11 points up last week, but now it seems that seeing all the looting Americans in New Orleans is boosting the anti-American vote. It's going to be dicey.
  • Then there's (PM, not Prez) Junichiro Koizumi, likely to be re-elected shortly in Japan --but with a government better able to enact his reforms (see the Herr Schroeder link above for details).