MSM Avoid the Hard Stories

Wow. Howard Kurtz slams the Many Screeching Monkeys, asking why none of them were in the poor neighborhoods of NO before they were washed away.
This is not a story, like whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that was difficult to get at. But journalists rarely venture into impoverished neighborhoods these days, except for quick-hit features. When a woman from one of these communities goes missing, it doesn't attain the status of a Natalee Holloway drama.

He also answers a question that has mystified me. If Michael Brown was so unqualified, why did Bush make him FEMA director? Seems un-Bush-like to me. Turns out Brown was the #2 man at FEMA when he was nominated for chief. That seems like some experience to me.

Kurtz also notes that starting today, we have to pay $50/ year to read Maureen Dowd, et. al. at the NYT site. Give them joy. I was already not reading her when it was free. Curtsy to Glenn Reynolds.