On the Ground in Baton Rouge

A dear friend of mine and her husband run a winery in Baton Rouge. Here's her brief response to my checking up on her (a few personal details I've edited out) and asking how our mutual friends could help:
Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. We are ok, of course New Orleans is truly a disaster. We have a family of 8 living in our winery indefinitely. A lot of NO families are relocating in Baton Rouge(at least for 6 months or so). We lost two barns, half of the vineyard (abt 5 acres)is on the ground, and the winery ceiling is down. But we are high and dry, no water till yesterday [Saturday] and still no electricity. If anyone wants to help , right now we could use some cash for our guest family of 8 for food, gas and clothes. Much love in Christ and please keep us all in your prayers as not only are these families displaced, most lost homes and certainly jobs.