Pope's Address to Non-Catholics

Via Insight Scoop, here's a transcript of B16's address to a group of non-Catholic Christians during WYD. Very interesting are all the off-the-cuff remarks he made --almost doubling the length of his planned address. The spontaneous comments are underlined in the text. What comes through as always whenever he address ecumenism, is that Christ has to be the author of ecumenism: it is the Lord who gives unity, that we do not create it, that it is he who gives it but that we must go to meet him.
See for example his long digression on a way of expressing certain problems of ecumenism, part of which I'll paste here, but do RTWT:
May I make a small comment: now, it is said that following the clarification regarding the doctrine of justification, the elaboration of ecclesiological issues and the questions concerning ministry are the main obstacles still to be overcome. In short, this is true, but I must also say that I dislike this terminology, which from a certain point of view delimits the problem since it seems that we must now debate about institutions instead of the Word of God, as though we had to place our institutions in the centre and fight for them. I think that in this way the ecclesiological issue as well as that of the "ministerium" are not dealt with correctly. The real question is the question of the Word in the world.