Queen Celine

Ninme humorously complains that emotive Celine Dions rule the world, when in a more wholesome time she would have been sedated and kept out of the public eye. This brought to remind a memorable comment written in the margin of one of my collegiate essays. The class was Rousseau's Emile, taught by the redoubtable Leo Paul s. deAlvarez (yes, I was educated by Straussians and lived to tell the tale: shiver). I used as a contemporary example of something Rousseau-an the fact that the WaPo Style section that week had used Harvey Firestein in "Torch Song Trilogy" as an example of "Reagan-style family values" ( I kid you not). Which is more than you need to know, except that it sets up one of the all-time great Professorial asides, which came back in pencil, in approval of my point. Re: Firestein: "In a just society he would be whipped or persuaded to become a craftsman."