St. Andrew Kim, Condi Needs A Li'l Help

Since North Korea seems to be reneging on its agreement to dismantle its nuclear program (that lasted what? About 12 hours?), I can't help but note that today's the feast of St. Andrew Kim Taegon and his companion Korean martyrs. St. Andrew's parents were converts, and his father was martyred when his son was only 15. More about St. Andrew and the other Korean martyrs here. Here's what JPG said at his canonization ceremony (love that phrase "the Church of silence"):
The Korean Church is unique because it was founded entirely by lay people. This fledgling Church, so young and yet so strong in faith, withstood wave after wave of fierce persecution. Thus, in less than a century, it could boast of 10,000 martyrs. The death of these martyrs became the leaven of the Church and led to today's splendid flowering of the Church in Korea. Even today their undying spirit sustains the Christians in the Church of silence in the north of this tragically divided land.