Stop, Stop, You're Killing Me

Via The Corner, I found Hitch's pre-fisking of George Galloway (in advance of their upcoming debate). But for an out-of-tone Terri Schiavo aside and a deeply crude conclusion, I wholeheartedly concur --and smiled all the way through. His opening paragraph alone made me laugh out loud --here's just one sentence of it.
Can I convey the deep sense of delight that stole over me when I learned that George Galloway and Jane Fonda were to go on an "anti-war" tour together and that the idea of this perfect partnership had come from Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues?
His basic is conclusion is
Thus, and thanks in part to Eve and Jane, the "anti-war" movement has as its new star a man who is openly pro-war, but openly on the other side
but do read it for the hard evidence in the middle.