Try A Little Tenderness

She gets weary. Women do get weary. . . .
"I hate to say it, but women are much more complex than men," said sex researcher Beverly Whipple. Viagra and its two competitors are blunt instruments: They work simply, by increasing blood flow down below. Women who take the drugs tend to experience similar physical effects, but this alone rarely satisfies them.
This by way of explaining why there's no Viagra for women at present --and probably never will be.

One thing "she" really wishes is that the zeitgeist would call a truce with people like her who think sex belongs "unprotected" within a marriage between a man and a woman.
A simple choice, really: If she's going to have to be surrounded at every turn by salacious advertising and knowing little "wink-wink" jokes and everyone being open about things that people with any dignity would discuss only in private; if everyone's going to have as much sex as they can indiscriminately and tediously discuss it all the time . . . . Then, in decency, at least let her not also have to hear about how you can't perform. (Although, if you ask her in private, she will explain why there is an obvious correlation between these two phenomena. Think about it and you might be able to figure it out yourself.)
Choose what you're going to bore her with. That's all she's asking.