WaPo Has Rare Moment of Lucidity

Behold, an editorial I agree with. Knock me over with a feather (I have waited 38 years to have a reason to use that expression). I can only guess they figure replacing Rehnquist with his clone isn't going to matter much, and this'll leave them free to fight like hell against Janice Rogers Brown* or one of her ilk as Sandra Day's replacement. We were so reasonable on Roberts, they'll say, but now the President has gone too far. **
*Yes, I'll go out on a limb and make that prediction. Send yours to wheatandweeds@familink.com. Same deal as last time: winner receives public credit and a lame prize chosen by me.
** Similar lame prize for the first person to send me evidence of a paper which editorialized for Roberts or a Senator voting for him who says that about the Prez' next pick.