We've Been Had. Possibly.

Hugh Hewitt has an important post on the media's role in Katrina. You owe it to yourself to read it. Scroll down especially to the part where a "photojournalist" reports dead babies and other gruesome things at the Superdome, but the NO chief of police denies any dead babies were found there. And check out what the Chief has to say about conditions at the Dome in general. Hewitt asked his readers to help him compile instances of MSM hysteria, and there's a growing body of evidence that many of the worst stories we've all heard may have been untrue. I emphasize may, but my something's-not-right-o-meter has been going off more and more strongly for days.

Here's what to watch. If Jack Kelly, Hugh Hewitt and your scribe are right in their suspicion that the MSM basically made up this whole crisis (I am not dismissing the material devastation wrought by the storm), investigators are going to find that out right away. I believe the Dems already know an investigation isn't going to help them, which is why Pelosi will talk about a commission but not appoint anyone to it. If we see the press also lose interest, then we'll know they made Katrina. As Strauss taught, sometimes the truth is in the silences, and we should keep our eyes on who grows silent in the coming weeks.