Cultural Imperialism

Two fields in which Western cultural hegemony is costing lives in Africa (and endangering American citizens and wasting their tax money to boot).

Malaria control. Because we impose our environmentalist views on others, we are paying for a pricey and ineffective system that costs 6 lives in Africa every few minutes.

Birth control. Tying Western aid dollars to implementation of Western-style family-planning programs is not an effective way to fight AIDS --and stirs up bitter anti-Western and anti-American resentments in the populations we're trying to help. When we find something that does work --such as the ABC program in Uganda-- our health experts immediately try to gut it in favor of imposing their views about the family on others.
What happened to respecting diversity? That seems to apply only when someone goes to Howard University and gives a speech calling for the extermination of white people. (What's worse, I heard some actuality from this speech, and many people clapped --although I wouldn't call it thunderous applause as some bloggers would have it).