Encouraging Miers News

Left home for awhile, and came home to find my inbox flooded with private emails from various "in-the-know" Constitution types. Like me, most are disappointed not to have a nominee who says to Chuck Schumer, "Bring it on!" However, they also note that Hugh Hewitt, Marvin Olasky, Jay Sekulow and --very encouraging-- Federalist Society Prez. Leonard Leo are all pleased. Rush reported Miers is an evangelical who takes the Bible literally, which explains the enthusiasm of the first three names, and also bodes well for her being an "originalist."
I also note that in his nomination announcement, The Prez said this:
Over the past five years, I've spoken clearly to the American people about the qualities I look for in a Supreme Court Justice. A Justice must be a person of accomplishment and sound legal judgment. A Justice must be a person of fairness and unparalleled integrity. And a Justice must strictly apply the Constitution and laws of the United States, and not legislate from the bench.
Only a fool calls attention to a promise he is at that very moment betraying, and whatever policy beefs I have with him, the Prez is a man of his word. So: I'm optimistic, if not doing my happy dance.
UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt's post is worth reading in itself, and has links to others making the "pro" case. Ninme has links to those making the "con" case.