Federalist, Schmederalist Society (UPDATE)

Re: all the huffing and puffing over a Drudge post indicating Miers once said (in 1990) she wouldn't join the Federalist society. The bloggers and callers are up in arms. How could Bush pick a justice who disses the Federalist Society? But surely it counts for something then that right now, today, the head (well --Executive Vice Head, and the guy who sheperded Roberts through behind the scenes) of the Federalist Society supports the nomination? In fact, I just got around to peeking at my copy of the Post and found this. Leonard Leo actually opposed Miers for White House Counsel, but supports her now:

As a deputy chief of staff, these detractors quietly warned, Miers could be slow to make decisions, with a penchant for detail over strategic thinking. "People came to me with concerns," recalls Leonard A. Leo, executive vice president of the conservative Federalist Society, who said he heard complaints "that her management style was one that could miss the forest for the trees." Leo, who favored a friend for the job, confirmed that he forwarded the concerns about Miers when consulted by the White House.Bush appointed Miers as his counsel nonetheless, and 11 months later nominated her to fill a pivotal vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the retirement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Having now seen Miers at work, Leo said, "whatever concerns I may have harbored . . . have since evaporated" and he supports her nomination.

UPDATE: From WaTi this morning, more Leonard Leo. Much ink given to the head of the NY chapter of the Fed. Society. But why should his opinion weigh equally with that of the Federalist Society guy who actually took time off to help the White House appoint and get good judges --and who actually knows Miers?