Fright Night Reading

Muslim youths have been rioting in Paris four nights straight. Anyone heard or any coverage of this in the MSM? LGF has been keeping an eye on the story. Curtsy to Ninme, who also pointed out this Hitch piece on Plamegate (free reg. required) in Opinion Journal today. My favorite part:
I know some apparently sensible people who are prepared to believe, still, that a Machiavellian cabal in the White House wanted to punish Joseph Wilson by exposing his wife to embarrassment and even to danger. So strong is this belief that it envisages Karl Rove (say) deciding to accomplish the foul deed by tipping off Robert Novak, one of the most anti-Iraq-war and pro-CIA journalists in the capital, as if he were precisely the pliant tool one would select for the dastardly work. And then, presumably to thicken the plot, Mr. Novak calls the CIA to confirm, as it readily did, that Ms. Plame was in the agency's employ. Meanwhile, and just to make things more amusing, George Tenet, in his capacity as Director of Central Intelligence, tells Dick Cheney that he employs Mr. Wilson's wife as an analyst of the weird and wonderful world of WMD. So jealously guarded is its own exclusive right to "out" her, however, that no sooner does anyone else mention her name than the CIA refers the Wilson/Plame disclosure to the Department of Justice.

I've said before in another context that the CIA had become a rogue organization (at least prior to the installation of Porter Goss --and he's so hated, he must be doing something right). I'm not really following this story, but Hitch's piece makes me wonder if the whole thing has indeed been a plot -- A CIA plot to do in the Administration's Iraq policy. (Hey. It's Halloween. Can't a gal cook up a little conspiracy theory?)