Get Your Eucharistic Synod Interventions Here

Here, actually. Notable today were an intervention from a Romanian Cardinal about the practice of the faith behind the Iron Curtain. And the prelate of Opus Dei questioned the wisdom of having large open air masses. I guess that explains why Opus Dei didn't participate in JPG's first meeting with new movements and ecclesial communities in 1998 --and presume we won't be seeing them this Pentecost either. I don't mock his point, but he doesn't know what he's missing.
Also, a very interesting comment from the Bishop of Lourdes. Haven't had time to study his whole statement, but I liked this in the précis.

We can see that, in our countries, Eucharistic Adoration is very taken by the young Catholic generations. For these young generations, this is not a rediscovery, it is,purely and simply, a discovery.

1) How can the mode of Eucharistic Adoration in the young be explained? Because these generations cannot live without images. In looking at the Host, certainly, we do not see Christ, in his Divinity nor in his humanity but we fix our eyes on the most direct sign of his real presence.

2) What is the great advantage of Eucharistic Adoration? It is that Christian prayer escaped the trap of introspection. Eucharistic Adoration is lived face to face.