Potpourri of Popery, II

B16 gave an interview to Polish television, which I'll post in its entirety in the comments section (too long for this post, but short enough. Formatting will be lost, however. ) Or look for it on Zenit. On Saturday, the Pope addressed 100,000 first communicants. Simply charming answers to questions from little kids. Samples:
The first questioner-- 10-year-old Emmanuele Roccasalvo-- asked the Pontiff if he remembered his own First Communion. The Pope replied: "It was a Sunday in March 1936, 69 years ago," he said, "the sun was shining, the church was beautiful, and there was music playing." He recalled that he had prayed that day: "Lord, I always want to be with You, but above all I want You to be with me."
The next question was why it is important to go to Confession before Mass, when one's sins are always the same. Smiling, the Pontiff answered: "Don't we clean our houses-- every room-- once a week or more, even though the dirt is always the same?"
If you read Italian, here's the whole thing. Also in Italian, yesterday's Angelus message, dedicated largely to recalling JPG (since yesterday was the anniversary of JPII's election as pope), and particularly JP's devotion to the rosary. Once again the Holy Father is urging everyone to re-read JPG's letter on the rosary.
This is the last week of the Synod on the Eucharist (see schedule). In case you missed it, here's the Pope's lovely meditation for the opening of the Synod (you know, he's a very, very sad man, so once again he returned to his favorite theme: joy). Don't forget to check comments for his interview with Polish t.v.