Sigh. Last Word For Now On Miers

An exasperated word from Hubby, with whom I utterly agree.
All I can say is, it's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't mind your supposed closest friends calling you a fool. Bush has proven to be one of the shrewdest Presidents in our history, and his best friends are largely still clueless about him. What set me off, I think, was hearing him joke about getting in trouble with his father when a reporter mentioned Souter. Doesn't that speak volumes?

Hugh Hewitt's buddy Beldar, a TX-based lawyer, has a terrific series of posts eviscerating the claim that Miers lacks credentials. Go to his site for an explanation of her resumé, but he also makes the point I've been making about a Court made up of geniuses. Responding to another critic he writes:
If you restrict Supreme Court nominations to those individuals who've spent their lives living in that rarefied atmosphere, pondering constitutional minefields to the exclusion of everything else, then you're going to end up with a Supreme Court whose members are out of touch both with America and with nuts and bolts legal practice. You're going to end up with a Court full of prima donnas who can't "just" concur, but instead feel compelled to write countless separate opinions. You'll often have no majority opinion, but instead special concurrences, partial concurrences, separate dissents, and partial concurrences only in Part III-D-6(f) but not Part III-D-6(g) of another's minority opinion. You'll get a Court that on the same day finds a display of the Ten Commandments constitutional in Texas and unconstitutional in Kentucky. You'll get a Court that takes up an incredibly important issue like redistricting, one that's splintered the Court in previous years, and then just leaves things more splintered when it's done. You'll get a Court that flip-flops within the space of a few years on issues involving capital punishment and what the government may or may not do in an attempt to promote morality. And you'll never see another unanimous Court like the one that produced Brown v. Board of
You'll get a Court, in other words, with all the failings that this Court has had for the last several years.
And here's a good post in the comments section at No Left Turns. Now I think I'll let the cone of silence descend on this topic until the confirmation hearings.