What He --And He, And He-- Said

I'm not as sanguine as Hugh Hewitt apparently is (then again, I think he's writing from Firenze) that the Miers nomination won't end up being pulled somehow (broad hints of this in a WaTi piece yesterday). However, I heartily concur with his response to George Will's column this morning. I'd read from someone who saw it in advance that it was somehow going to devastate Miers supporters. Hardly. RTWT, he includes the link to Will if you haven't read it.
UPDATE: Hewitt links to this post by President Aristotle. Do read it. Also, go to his home page and scroll down for many good defenses of Miers herself in the past few days. Also, Dafydd ab Hugh fisks Will, causing John at Powerline to reflect on the "Twilight of the Bow Ties."
UPDATE: Welcome, Remedy Readers (thanks for the plug, Ken). Scroll down to Oct. 21 posts, and look here for more.