Coming Pandemic?

Michael Fumento says not necessarily --and even if bird flu does go "pan" on us, it won't be the end of the world. Read about the false information we're being fed to fuel a panic.

[I was going to entitle this post "He's come a long way," since I have a clear memory of attending a Michael Fumento presentation at a Cardinal Mindzenty Foundation conference in Dallas during perhaps my sophomore year of college. I remember him telling chilling tales of AIDS transmission by mosquito, casual contact, etc. But then when I went to look up his AIDS work to demonstrate that he's come to official skepticism rather late, that seems not to have been his schtick at all; he was not spreading panic, but saying essentially: it's behavior driven, and if you aren't involved in those behaviors, you needn't worry. So why is this false memory so distinct? Must have been someone else, but I could swear it was Fumento.]