I Like King Abdullah II

Meant to post this yesterday. King Abdullah of Jordan called for jihad on terror in wake of the attack on Jordan last week. Unlike certain other Arab leaders who say such things in English to Americans, Abdullah said this on Jordanian tv:

"Terrorism is a sick and cross-border phenomenon. Therefore, eradicating it is the whole world's responsibility," he told the state-run Petra news agency. "The body parts we saw in Amman we see every day in brotherly Iraq and have also seen in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and other countries around the world."

King Abdullah later told CNN that four suicide bombers carried out Wednesday's attacks, suggesting one was the "spouse" of another militant. His remarks seemed to confirm al Qaeda's claim that a husband and wife were among the bombers. "I think that to walk into the lobby of a hotel to see a wedding procession and to take your wife or your spouse with you into that wedding and to blow yourself up [showed] these people are insane," King Abdullah said.

Meanwhile, today WaTi reported the testimony of the failed female suicide bomber from the recent attack. FWIW.