Potpourri of Popery, Part 3

  • B16 on the feast of Christ the King & yesterday's beatifications.
  • The Pope reviews the new JP biopic and says the spiritual bond with JPG has not been broken.
  • The whispers of a papal visit to Istanbul are getting louder.
  • The Pope addressed a Vatican-sponsored conference on the human genome over the weekend, telling health care workers that "human dignity is not diminished in the presence of physical adversity or genetic defect."
  • A review of the pope from a Calvinist. Curtsy to InternetMonk.
  • Gossip on the Pope's first curial change --he's moving a bishop from the dicastery on worship to become bishop of Assisi --and giving the new bishop some more control of the Assisi shrines. I suppose that is very political and meaningful to the Vatican watchers, but I don't read anything in it myself. The best part of this post, however, comes at the end, where it's confirmed the Pope's new encyclical --God Is Love-- will be out Dec. 8th. (Pardon my drool; can't wait!). If you go to Rocco's main page, you can scroll down to some fun pictures of the Pope watching the JPG biopic and meeting Jon Voight.
  • Zadok the Roman found an interesting article on the abortion controversy in Italy. (Indirect popery).