That's the title of the latest Steyn column in NR. Subscription required to read the whole thing, but the first three grafs are worth it. The Iraqis don't think they're in a quagmire, he writes:
According to the latest polls, 70 percent think “life is good,” and 69 percent are optimistic that things will get even better in the year ahead. For purposes of comparison, they took a similar poll in Europe a while back: In France, 29 percent said they were optimistic about the future; in Germany, 15 percent. Sixty-three percent of Iraqis say they feel “very safe” in their own neighborhoods, which is more than the residents of Clichy-sous-Bois can say.

Then check out his devastating comparison between press treatment of the Sunnis & the Africaaners.

While we're at it, I missed this Steyn column on the Iraqi elections, but summarize it thus: "Bush lied, people dyed."