A New Nation, Conceived In Pancake Batter?

We took the kids to visit Colonial Williamsburg & Yorktown over the weekend. Williamsburg is a colonial town that John D. Rockefeller bought up house by house during the Depression, preserving or restoring the whole town as it was in the 17th century by turning the whole thing into a museum. (I'd thought it was just a town where many colonial homes happened to have been preserved, but no, the whole town is owned and preserved by the Williamsburg foundation). A very worthwhile trip, although mostly what I learned is that folks in the 17th century must have been big on pancakes. There's a pancake and waffle house about every 25 feet or so outside the confines of "Colonial Williamsburg." Even the Italian place where we ate one evening had a "pancake and waffle" breakfast on offer in the morning.
How come there's never a lox house?