Speaking of Fraudulent Science

Come back, it's not about the fossil record. Just want to be sure you know the South Korean human clones --the ones that proved America was falling behind in medical research-- have been shown to be a fraud. The story's been around, but its significance has been underplayed I think. Here's Wesley J. Smith's take in this week's Standard. More on his blog, where he also documents the dishonest reporting that always surrounds cloning stories. Take this line from an NYT story for example:
The panel is also reviewing Dr. Hwang's 2004 claim in which he was apparently the first to clone human cells. If that also proves false, the goal of therapeutic cloning--repairing patients' cells with their own tissues--may be considerably further off than it seemed a few months ago. [Smith's italics.]

That would more accurately read "--repairing patient's cells with tissues extracted from the patient's own twin, created in a lab and killed to provide genetically matched tissues."