What Does Sexual Orientation Have To Do With The Celibate State Anyway?

Here's a fine column 'splaining it. For the uninitiated, it might possibly require this little explanation of what "sexuality" is in the first place (it's not a question of what feelings stir up in your heart. . .or your loins). To wit (from the latter link):
sex is a word that has only recently come to mean an activity rather than a state of being: sex comes from "cut" or "sever" carrying with it the notion of "divide" or "halve." There are two sexes, male and female, that's it. One can only engage in sexual activity -- that is, actions uniting one with the other sex -- with, well, the opposite sex.
Anything else is not sex. . . . An orientation toward a member of the same sex may be felt, but it is not a sexual orientation, since the activity it might lead to is not sexual by definition.