As Bad As We Are

Fewer than half of all Brits believe in evolution. And more of them want creationism taught in schools than want Intelligent Design taught there (44 and 41%, respectively). This is funny:

The findings prompted surprise from the scientific community. Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society, said: "It is surprising that many should still be sceptical of Darwinian evolution. Darwin proposed his theory nearly 150 years ago, and it is now supported by an immense weight of evidence.

But, Cheerio, Lads, there's a bright side:
We are, however, fortunate compared to the US in that no major segment of UK religious or cultural life opposes the inclusion of evolution in the school science curriculum.

All is not lost, we're still better than the Yanks.

Egad! British women are turning against abortion, too. (Curtsy: Michelle Malkin)
47 per cent of women believe the legal limit for an abortion should be cut from its present 24 weeks, and another 10 per cent want the practice outlawed altogether.

Perhaps we're not as progressive as we like to think, Old Chap? 40% of us think like cowboys!