Good Thing I Didn't Have A Drink At The Time

I was stuck in my car this evening and for the first time caught a minute or two of the Mark Levin show. If I'd had coffee, I would have snorted it I laughed so hard. He was discussing NSA wiretapping and he pumps up the theme from Patton as loud as can be. You're picturing that giant flag, and the "No bastard ever won a war. . ." speech.

Then Levin, as a mealy-mouthed Patton asks, "What would the FISA Court say?"

Then --martial music still blasting-- he asked a series of questions.
Did you elect the FISA court to prosecute this war?
Who's on the FISA court, and what are their qualifications to prosecute a war?
What, did they make law review?

Sorry you missed it.
DUN-dun-da-dun Da-dun-da-dun-da-DUN Da-d-d-d-dun Da d-d-d-dun da-Dun